:Get the look: Blow Drying Basics

So anyway.
I have a confession to make.

My best friend and my worst enemy (FRENEMY, I’M 12!) in life is my blowdryer.

It’s almost like a mean girl… almost.

One minute it makes me feel better about myself and the next torments me and make me exude salt (in the form of sweat/tears). It builds my confidence yet also glares at me across the room making me feel horrible things about myself if I don’t act immediately. It’s the happiest only when I’m a frustrated mess. It spreads rumors about me (wait, what? Sara, that’s just a mean girl… FOCUS). When it’s hot and bothered it makes sure I am too. It gets me wrapped up in it’s drama and tangled in it’s mistakes.
Okay, that’s enough.

The thing is! It is necessary.
It is complicated.

Typically, I would strongly urge you to break free from such a complicated and unhealthy dynamic. You don’t have time fo that negativity and heartbreak! YOU ARE NOT RIHANNA AND YOUR BLOWDRYER, CHRIS BROWN.

And this is just hair, after all, you’re not going out and naming your child North or anything.

Look. Spending time drying your hair is annoying, but completely worth it.
If you knew for a fact that you could have a good hair day every day just for spending some time (and upper body strength) on it, then I’m sure you would. Besides, you get quicker and more efficient the more you practice. Promise.

So, today, I’d like to give you #1 ways to tweak your blowdry to optimize toning your muscles, and #2 some amazing hot tips about product and technique to help you get the absolute most out of your time.

The Rough Dry
— Apply leave in conditioner, maybe one of the 3 I talked about here and comb through. Go ahead and comb your hair into place. If you have a fringe this will make sure that it starts drying in the right place.

HOT TIP: If you have time (or another bathroom, really), it is absolutely best to give your bathroom a second to cool down. When you shower, essentially, you are creating a sauna-like environment. That humidity will definitely effect how smooth your hair will get.

— Rough dry your hair to 75% dry, or just damp-feeling. This doesn’t mean flip your head upside down and blow wildly, picturing your hair flapping in the backseat of a convertible driving up the east coast. No. Keep the direction of the air flow pointed down your hair shaft. I know it’s maybe awkward at first, but you can do it. I know it. Otherwise your hair will look like one of the guys from KISS and you’ll call out of work for feeling ugly.

Rough drying will look something like this:


— Now, breathe and take a second, maybe a sip of water, maybe a sip of coffee, maybe cool down for a second and apply your make up- whatever you’re feeling like. If you’re as odd as me, you’ll put on a pair of silly glasses because they make you laugh at yourself and have fun.

The Blow Out
— Once you’re ready, apply your blowdry products. This may be limited to just a blow dry cream for heat protection and smoothness, or might also include a hair strand thickener (like this one) and a root booster (like this) underneath your blowdry lotion. Whatever the case, do this now.

HOT TIP: Apply your blow dry products to hair that is rough dryed. Applying product to hair coated completely in water is going to dilute your product, thus causing you to A) shout to the heavens IT DOESN’T WORK. IT’S A FRAUD. or B) use so much that you’re upset because you don’t see where you’re investment is coming from. Either way, you’re mad, and even though you’re super cute when your mad, I don’t like it.

-Okay, so here we are at the annoying part. Depending on your hair and brush size you are going to section your hair differently, but the general rule of thumb with how thick your section should be no wider than the diameter of your round brush. So go ahead and section off your first round (usually a little over the ears all around the back). And now start. You may need to set your dryer or brush down sometimes in order to organize and have better control.

HOT TIP: Always be aware of your body position. Try to keep your back as straight as possible and your arms as “boxed out” (it’s the Tango, didn’t you know?!) as possible to prevent hurting yourself, tone your muscles and save your posture.

This will look something like this:


– The thickness of your hair will determine how many sections you need to take. For my hair texture it only takes 3. My last section is always the “landing strip” which covers my whole part from my forehead to crown, this gives me the best volume and control over my finish.

HOT TIP: If you have longer hair and you like you hair to have more wave and body to it. Then as you are taking the already dry and heated hair off of your round brush, twist and swirl the brush back away from the face and let it cool this way. It’s the perfect way to get that extra bounce that you need. (this is my clients favorite way to get their hair dryed). It’s going to feel awkward at first!! But ENDURE and persevere, you absolutely can do this. I know it.


There you have it.
Making friends out of frenemies every day.

Please tell me how it goes!! I so enjoyed the photo texts I got asking about face shape and personal hairstyle recommendations (that I talked about last week). That’s what I’m here for! I’d love to hear what tips you have of your own that help you get through your blowdry, hear what you’re struggling with, hear your success story.

Cheers my loves.
Cheers to good hair days despite heavy, awkward, heat exuding objects. Nothing is stopping us!


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