:Get the look: Quick Upstyles


If you missed Tame of the Shrew part 1, and you’re wondering who the shrew in this scenario is (it’s you) or why you’re particularly shrewish (humidity and summer rainstorms) then take a second to recap that info here.

Otherwise, let’s move on!

While the summer is upon us and there is tons of humidity and rain storms, you may need these hair how tos in some other kind of scenarios as well:

-Woke up late for work.
-You hair looks like a nest when you wake up, and you’re wishing there were at least eggs in it so you could eat breakfast.
-You crashed at someones place the night before after a legen-dary night out and now you’re walk of shaming it (a high bun and sunglasses take you from, “Oh my” to “Aw, she’s headed to church”)
-You’re generally kind of lazy and would rather wear your hair back than actually deal with it.

I’ve peroused the depths of the internet/pinterest/youtube and I’ve collected 4 simple and quick styles you can do on yourself anywhere! (Like in the bathroom of Chilis when you get a quick glimpse of yourself in the mirror and want to freshen up for your date.)

Here we go.

The Headband Roll.
When I first found this one I thought, that’s too simple to possibly work or look good, but I instantly fell in love! It has such a 40’s flapper girl feeling and truly is so simple. Here’s how to do it!


. Put on the headband
-Here you have a few options, you can make it more flapper/hippie inspired by wearing the strap lower on your forehead, or you can make it a little more elegant and reserved by pushing it up like a normal headband.
-You can also use it to push your hair up, again emphasizing the silliness of it and going with it, or to keep your hair straight and smooth just pull your hair down around the perimenter.
. Take your first section.
-I always like staying organized, no matter what hairstyle I’m doing, it helps to keep everything in order and on track.
. Before doing the back parts, do the other side.
-When I was trying to find the easiest way to do this, this helped keep me symmetrical and balanced.
. Clean it up.
-Once all of your sections are in place, you’re going to need to go around the edges and tuck missing hair and may be sticking out or falling down. If you look at it in the mirror (from the back) and feel overwhelmed, DON’T PANIC, it is seriously so easy to tuck in those pieces and make it look awesome!
Remember! The greatest thing about these styles is that it’s not about looking completely perfect, the more “organic” and effortless it looks, the better.

The High Bun.


. I like to keep a part in my high bun, but of course you can pull your hair straight back if you would like!
. Pull hair up to the top back of your head.
-The higher you place this, the more dramatic is is. Depending on your face shape and profile you may want to adjust as necessary, take a second to look at yourself in the mirror and see which height looks the best on you.
. Secure with an elastic.
-This is what gives us the control!
. Separate the remaining hair into 3 strands and do a traditional 3 strand braid.
-The reason for this is to take any of your layers that you may have and keep them under control, if you just tried to twist and tuck this strand without braiding it, you might have a million hairs flying out and away, which is taking away from the kind of “I’m put together” thing we’re trying to achieve here.
. Wrap the braid around the elastic
-I find it the easiest to start this in the front, especially if you have shorter hair, you’re making sure the elastic is getting completely covered in the spots where it counts the most.
. Secure with criss-crossed bobby pins
. Voila!

The Sleek Horse.


A pony tail (or sleek horse, ha) is kind of a standard and classic that we all utilize on a daily basis. Instead of boring you with the details, I’ll tell you my hot tips instead!

. A boar bristle brush will give you maximum smoothness and control
. Taking the hair from underneath the ponytail ensures that your elastic will be covered where it’s needed the most- on top!
. Insert your bobby pin underneath, criss cross with another if necessary.
. Hairspray any fly away strands.

The Double Braid.

This is a take on the Princess Leah braid that I did in Tame of the Shrew Part I.
I’ve recently gotten a shorter summer crop, and so I needed an adaptation of this style in order to keep all of my shorter lengths and layers under control and tamed!
Here’s how it goes.


. Part hair wherever you like it, and start on one side, closer to the part.
. Take 3 strands and start doing a classic 3 strand braid, picking up extra hair only from the underneath.
. When you get to the back center, instead of continuing around, stop picking up new hair, and just braid that strand completely out.
. Pin this out of the way (or straight up)
. Repeat steps on the other side
. Lay this side against your nape and pin to the opposite side.
. Unpin the braid that you pinned out of the way and lay on top of the other strand that you layed, pinning it on the opposite side where you pinned the other one.
. The longer your hair, the most room you will have to play with this.


There you guys have it!!
4 more ways to keep your locks tamed despite the circumstances. And please let me know how it goes!! Send me photos, love mail, hate mail (-_-), anything! I’d love to hear from you and see how it is going. As always, I’m here to help, support and encourage you through your hair struggles and journeys.

Cheers to us! Cheers to good hair days despite our attitude problems or the weathers disfunction!


  1. Lindsay Dapp · August 7, 2013

    Yay! Thanks for bonus ideas! That first style also works REALLY well to do no-heat curls (it’s been Dapp-tested). Using dry hair, I added some mouse, wrapped it all up like you did, slept on it, then unwrapped it in the morning. A little finger-combing later and it was fabulous!

  2. coolteesandtennessee · August 11, 2013

    Thank you for this post, it really helped. It was always ponytails for me before this! I love the high bun, by the way.

    • sarastylestampa · August 11, 2013

      Yay! I am so happy that you could find some easy ideas here! Stay tuned, I do a “Tame of the Shrew” each month!

      Thank you for commenting and following, cheers to better hair days!


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