:Get the look: Curling your bob


Every day I have my clients bringing in photos of haircuts or styles in magazines that are created to look very natural and effortless. Now, while I can’t cut curl into your hair, I can definitely show you a few different curling techniques and give you some hot tips on how to do them in a time crunch, make your style last longer, and be the easiest for you to do.

Where to start?
Oh I know.


Perhaps you think this is an overrated topic of conversation. That stylist ares evil sales men/women just out to earn some extra money and sell you things you don’t need. Well, you’re very cute when you’re cynical, but, no! There is a method behind our madness (always!) and we are here to give you the best “weapons” of choice to not only achieve your dream hair but to achieve it while also 1.) Keeping it as healthy as possible, and 2.) Making your style last all day (at the very least).

When it comes to hot tooling, these are my weapons of choice:


Iron Shape.
This is a heat protectant spritz that is extremely easy to use and that I happen to love. If you’re using this and your hair is already very delicate and… well… crispy (oh, you guys know exactly what I mean), or if it never holds anything you try to do, then I would spray the Iron Shape on each individual section. If your hair is in general good health and is pretty good at holding styles then you can run your fingers through your hair and mist lightly all over, as opposed to doing each strand.

Fashion Works 12.
A good finishing spray can take you so far! This one is my absolute favorite because it is layerable (is that even a word? Whatever.). It can take you from touchable hold to crunchy-not-moving-no-matter-what hold.

Flat Iron.
I’m not including photos for ironing only because I feel like this is the most straight forward (no pun intended!). Here is my favorite tip though on how to get the most out of your efforts:
HOT TIP. Move the iron slowly down your hair strand, if you’re doing it too quickly, you’re not giving the heat real time to work.


So I recognize the fact that not everybody has a silly bob reminiscent of our founding fathers wigs. However! What I’m about to show you are techniques that can be used for every hair length and strand. The second part of this tutorial is specifically for longer hair and shorter layers, I usually stop and just rock the Georgie Wash but, that’s me (and after all, I have nicknames for presidents so…).

Here we go.


[[I know my expressions are crazy in this, but think about how you would feel using a very hot piece of metal around your face while cueing up photographs! Eeek!!!! ***No blondes were hurt during this photo shoot***]]

Okay so this curling technique can be done with only 8 total sections.
For the way that I want the weight placed for my faceshape, I am curling it under, but you could also do the standard “banana” type curl if you’re going for a more Charlie’s Angels kind of look.

. Take your first section from the front of the ear and finger comb it straight out from your head, insert curling iron, touch hair on iron- when it feels warm to the touch, it’s done! Everyones hair is different in thickness, coarseness, etc. So there is no “one size fits all” here. Thankfully you have heat protectant on your precious strands.
. Drop and let cool.
. Take next section, back of ear to corner back of head and do the same.
. Take your next section, corner back of head to middle back.
. Repeat on opposite side.
. Take a section that is triangle shaped in the front at your “fringe” area. In most haircuts, this is where the majority of your layers live that fall around your face, this is where you want the most drama because it’s what you see!
. Elevate this section and do a vertical curl (banana style).

Once everything has cooled, shake it out! And spray it.
Georgie would be proud.

If you have longer hair and shorter layers, then continue to step number 2! If you appreciate embracing the powdered wig trend then end here and go show the world your beauty… just don’t chop down any cherry trees or anything.



What we’re going to do now is focus on making those layers pop!
We’re going to go around and take the same sections as before, except instead of grabbing the hair from the bottom, we’re going to leave out the bottom lengths, and elevate the layers at more of a 45 degree angle. Curling them away from our face.
The last section we’re going to take is a “landing strip” that is overdirected towards the back of our head and will just give us a little extra oomph and flow within our strands.

Let cool, shake out, spray it.


What do you think?!
I know you guys can do this.
I know you can bring that bounce to your day and enter life’s challenges with that little bit more confidence and gusto.
Let me know how this goes! I want to see what challenges you, what you succeed with, what you love or hate about it. Talk to me! Let’s use our hot tool as weapons in our beauty arsenal.

So cheers to us, cheers to good hair days especially because of hot awkward metal poles inches from our eyeballs.


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