YOUR HAIR IS HUNGRY TOO. (the science behind eating for the long, healthy hair of your dreams.)


I’m not sure if you’ve been able to tell by now, but I’m kind of a science dork and I’m extremely obsessed with the “why” behind hair, how it grows, how to make it the best ever…. etc. Call me stubborn but it”s really important to me. It’s hard to feel passionate and care about what you do if you don’t really understand why. If you don’t understand how to get the results you want (like Analyzing your Skin Tone to wear the most flattering tones, or the science of your face shape, or how to always look put together in a hurry). I am a results kind of girl. And that’s why I want to focus on our diet today.

We’re kind of caught up in a health-obsessed society right now… and some of it is revolving around actually being healthy and some of it is not healthy at all but is making people feel better because they look a certain way. What I’m about to propose is not a fad, it’s not a “get shiny hair FAST!” kind of a scheme. It is.. well, just what it is. Science. I know that if we can all commit to incorporating more positive ingredients into our diet, to being a little more balanced with our food groups, that we truly can have the hair of our dreams.

Here’s a little background on the hair and how it grows so we can kind of understand what we’re dealing with here.

On average, 90% of your hair is in the growing phase. This phase lasts about 2-3 years and then your hair enters the resting phase and within a few months jumps ship. If you aren’t getting enough protein and vitamins then your hair strand may not stay in it’s growing phase as long as it should.

Maybe that sounds scary to you… it does to me! I want my precious locks to grow, thrive and cling to my scalp with all of their might!

So this is what we can do to keep that happening.


I’m starting off with vitamins because if we have balanced vitamins in our body we actually absorb nutrients from food BETTER. Crazy huh?! But oh so very true. Taking a good multivitamin everyday and then pairing it with, let’s say, Biotin (the best vitamin for hair skin and nail strength) creates the perfect start to your day and the best opportunity to optimize your results from the foods that you eat.
So multivitamin and biotin? Check.



Iron actually stimulates the production and enrichment of protein in your hair strand. If protein makes up 90% of your hair strand, then it is arguably the most vital and important part of your diet and hair health!

Iron rich foods are:

Bok Choy
Lean meats- pork beef and fish
Soy beans
Pumpkin seeds


Vitamin A helps produce and protect the oils that sustain your scalp, being low in vitamin A can leave with you with dry, irksome dandruff and an itchy scalp.

Sweet Potatoes
Paprika, Cayenee, Red pepper and Chili Powder
Dark Leafy Greens
Butternut Squash
Dried Apricots

Vitamin C is critical for scalp circulation and supports the blood vessels that feed your hair follicles, keeping them thriving and strong. A lack of correct circulation can lead to breakage and hair that moves quicker into the resting phase.

Red and Green Hot Chili Peppers
Bell Peppers

Vitamin D has been strongly linked to hair health but the connection and science behind why has yet to be discovered! Bummer!

Greek Yogurt
Fish Oil
Soy Milk



Anybody else feeling empowered by science?!

Hahaha, no? Well, alright. That’s okay too.
Either way, cheers to us!

Cheers to eating our way to the hair that we love.


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