OCTOBER, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? (Life update, and a sneak peak into coming blog segments!)


I’ve so been missing you lovelies!
I apologize for my brief hiatus. I have been super busy doing in salon marketing for the holiday season and also I have been guest blogging for the Children’s Cancer Centers upcoming event, Wine Women & Shoes!

Check out http://wwstampa.com/the-perfect-boots-for-your-shape/ to read about, wine 101 (how to swirl like a sophisticat), summer to fall wardrobe transitions, finding the right boot for your shape, and the latest in hair trends! I’ve absolutely loved being part of this great cause and look forward to continuing to work with them over the next couple of months.

I have taken the time to plan out the rest of 2013’s blog topics (can you even believe we’re almost in the holiday season?!?!).

So please stay tuned, starting with next week, come visit me to read about:
Translating editorial hair styles into every day looks (because, let’s be honest, some of that stuff is down right weird/strange/cuckoo).

Holiday hair survival guide (how to look perfect even when you just set your turkey on fire in the oven! … just kidding, I have more faith in your culinary abilities than my own. Promise.)

Hairbrush 101 (because Chubacca and Rapunzel simply have different needs).

When to know it’s time to break up with your stylist and the etiquette to do so.

A sweet love letter to clients everywhere and what inspires me to wake up every day and do what I do.

Trend forecasts (Anyone see the prada models at fashion week?! EEK. We don’t need to embrace ALL the trends, okay people?!)

And some sweet and sassy Tame of the Shrews scattered enlighteningly through the rest of the year.

Sound good?
Have something you’d like me to throw in there that you’re curious about? Just comment or email me! I’m here for you guys, and I absolutely love being a part of keeping you looking the most glamorous yet!



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