TREND REPORT. (Because fashion never slows down!)

Fall and winter are here! Fashion week has happened, and it’s that time once again to take a moment to see where fashion is heading and how it can fit into our daily life! I’ve taken some time to analyze the runway, research the future of hair color and catch your eye with some amazingggggg new products. Buckle up buttercups, we have an action packed day!


The thing about fashion is… well… on the runway and in the editorial photo shoots, the models can get away with just about everything. But we know that if we showed up to our office with some of those looks, we would get gawked at. And not like… good gawk… like… well, anyway. I’m going to run down a couple of the latest from the most recent Fashion week and what they mean to you and me in our daily lives. My philosophy has always been that the most stylish fashionistas are those who can mix the latest trends in with their existing individuality.

The hardest pill for me to swallow at fashion week had to be Prada.


The wet look, eek. The only true positive for me was that now at least we can all go into public with sopping wet hair and just pretend we’re just too editorial for everyone else.

Aside from this though, there was a very common thread among most designers, which had a lot to do with natural texture/air drying, and with parting.


The middle part has been on trend for most of the year and is continuing to do so, but the shift that is taking place is that the other extreme of a very deep side part is also coming into play.

Like with any parting, your hair is going to take a minute to get used to it, the best way to embrace a new style is to comb it into place right when you out of the shower so that it can start even air drying this way. Stubborn cow licks will take a little more taming, but it’s nothing a hot tool can’t take care of!

HOT TIP: If you don’t have a fringe but want to fake it for the day, the deep side part works perfectly for you, just comb your hair on your hairline in a sweeping way across your forehead and pin behind your ear. It’s a good way to add some fun and versatility to your week.


Now, I’m not saying that Ombre is dead or anything, I think that Ombre is a new classic with a low maintenance personality that will forever be in style and perfect for the busy modern woman. But I have a feeling that color is going to be taking a shift into mimicking the way that natural light bounces off of hair and creates shadows and brightness, enter Splashlights… or what I like to call, Shinelights.


The theory behind the color placement, while it might look a little wacky at first glance, if you really think about when hair is beautifully wavy or curled, there are specific places where the light glances off of the hair strand. This is essentially where you’re placing the lightest part of your hair. You’re visually creating shine and the play of light and shadow in your hair color. It’s pretty neat and definitely a forward thinking technique. Something I can’t wait to slowly ebb my clients into.

Then, FINALLY, we have a completely temporary, easy to apply BRIGHT bright set of colors called Hairchalks.


This is a really fun way to play with bold and exciting colors in a safe and completely temporary environment. You simply glide them down your hair shaft and then seal with some hairspray. Seriously so much fun!



Pureology has just released not only an amazing smelling dry-shampoo but have paired it with an equally amazing DRY-CONDITIONER! Ah, finally! It’s absolutely perfect because it lightly conditions and restores shine and bounce to your ends and then also balances out the oiliness on your scalp. Just, please don’t be tempted to NEVER wash your hair again. It’s exciting because, as a hair colorist, I know that the the less my color clients are washing their hair- the longer their gorgeous haircolor is going to stay looking it’s absolute best.

It’s kind of like buying the insurance plan along with your color investment. Helloooo happy women!


So there we have it, the latest and most breaking news. The trends we are getting excited about in the salon and the products I am getting amazing results out of.

Don’t see a trend here that you think is important? Are there other new products you’re excited about?! Please comment, email, yell at me! I’d love to cover/research/test them out. It’s all about YOU.

Cheers to the ever evolving fashion industry keeping us on our toes!


  1. B · October 18, 2013

    Keep ’em coming! I absolutely love it!

    • B · October 18, 2013



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