MY TOP 3 FASHION BLOGS. (What are yours?!)


I am such a sucker for street shots of normal people in their fabulous day to day lives. This indulges that part of me, from New York City to Paris, it continually inspires me to combine patterns, textures and accessories that I may otherwise shy away from.

Also on my list?


If you haven’t heard of this one, check your pulse! And get caught up. Leandra has really made an amazing name for herself in the fashion world and always reminds me to not take fashion, or myself for that matter, TOO SERIOUSLY. Just relax. Be odd, be yourself! And whatever you leave the house wearing, hold that head up high! Confidence is truly the greatest accessory you can wear.


My favorite thing about this is their collection of photographs and the free spirit of their clothing. I have a love affair with the moon and it is something they like to incorporate in surprising ways into their accessories. Floppy hats, flowing material and florals- oh my!

Please tell me your favorites! Your favorite blogs, magazines or even catalogues to keep up with.



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