IF THIS IS WRONG I DONT WANNA BE RIGHT. [color combinations as self expression]


True story.

As a little girl I would beg my mom to let me stay inside, instead of playing with other kids, just so that I could write. Write reports on how my math times tables have improved. Reports on every state and what we should love about them. Reports on which friend was my best friend and why. Write write write.

My deepest connections have always been with my pencil and paper… Well, and my Levi’s. Writing and fashion granted me self expression while relationships sat like Rubik’s cubes. Tauntingly daring me to try, seemingly promising little success. And some days, even as an adult, the highlight of my morning is getting my hair just right and pairing something odd together… Or it’s coming up with the next perfect “hook” for an article I’m working on.

If I know anything about writing reports or putting together an outfit… I know that if I’m not feeling “out there” in any way, then I’m doing it wrong. …maybe this same rule applies to relationships? If only my confidence could transcend my social awkwardness.

Today my “out there” is in sticking with one tonal family. All cool, all bright and maybe clashing in some ways. My shoes are Camel toned to neutralize this situation.

What are your favorite combinations? And tell me, do you think my insights with fashion could relinquish my hope of surviving my 20s?

Cheers to brave days my lovelies.


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