THAT ON THAT ON THAT. [layering, inside and out]


It’s raining out and I slept with my curly wild hair in pin curls (with a silk scarf holding them tight through the night, just like I imagine Beyonce would… my best half kept singing the Chiquita banana song to me and laughing hysterically-how is she so cute?! I’m sure Jay Z and Bey are the same.)


Leandra inspired me to layer and see the full potential of my fitted denim dress, here.

But it got me thinking (of course, my capricorn nature never ceases) about layers and boundaries and perception. Is it truly possible to keep your work and personal life separate? Is that goal on my list of resolutions just too idealistic to actually achieve? How can one separate their present moment in one building, from their present moment in another building (home). Has technology made all of this too difficult to accomplish anyway? What am I getting myself into?

Habit seem impossible to overcome. They say 3 weeks to establish a new. So I’m in. I crave emotional freedom and the ability to depend only on those who are truly present, supportive and on my side. I’m not sure how long it will take me to get there, but I figure one day and one moment at a time is a good place to start.

God, at least I know what I’m wearing today.

That’s half the battle.



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