:Get the look: Blow drying your lob


Blow drying is not for the faint of heart. We know this. I always just consider styling my hair as my arm workout for the week and try to imagine my biceps gaining definition while they’re burning and I’m breaking a sweat. But what do we also know?! It’s ALWAYS WORTH IT. There is no better way to make yourself feel and look like a million bucks than to have smooth, shiny hair that is full of body and a little bit of flip and movement.

So the photo above I am about to describe. I happened across this technique last week on my day off and decided to give it a whirl.

For this I let my hair airdry until it was about 50-60% dry and my products of choice were Pureology Colour Fanatic as my leave in conditioner (truly, you can’t beat having 21 benefits in 1 bottle!!) and then Pureology’s Bodifying Luminator- a great styling foam which offers body and control, I absolutely love it for my fine hair that can tend to be flat.

So what I like about this technique is you work on the hair around your face first. Utilizing your arms at their peak strength and you with your full amount of motivation. Starting at the top, where some of you may have bangs but where for me, is where my shortest face framing layer is, I take a section no longer or wider than my brush and I wrap my section in here and blowdry completely dry, then I released the section and quickly rolled it back up and pinned it in place. This is going to give me maximum body and curl because I’m allowing it to cool in place, which is definitely a good thing because I really need my hard work to pay off! I continued working the sections down to the top of ear. And then did the same on the opposite side. As you can tell from my photo it got pretty messy, and I worried it wasn’t working.

For the back, by this time my hair was about 80% dry so I could take bigger sections. I definitely had a hard time making sure I wasn’t getting wrapped up in any of my pin curled sections but can say that with a bit of practice, I can see this taking less than 20 minutes. It isn’t necessary to wrap any of the back sections, I just made sure it was dry and the ends were curled under. In the crown area I elevated as high as my arms would take me.

As for my end result? I would say it was absolutely worth it.



What do you guys think?
Give it a try!!
Share your successes or challenges.
We’re all in this together.

Cheers to good hair one arm exercise at a time.


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