Head high at 6 feet. [My love of high heels]


We all face a lot of seemingly impossible situations.

Awkward interactions with people we no longer want to associate with. Death. Disaster. Heartbreak. Emotional upheaval once a month (okay?!). When the restaurant you’re trying doesn’t have honey mustard dressing for your salad (COME ON.). Speaking to a group of people. Speaking to a single person… I think you get the idea.

Anyway, my mother and my better half always give me the same advice on how to handle myself in these situations. “Hold your head high”, they say.

This is very opposed to my natural instincts. On one hand, there is “Ostrich-Mode” which includes staring at the ground, walking without looking at anyone until I can find a safe spot to hunch over and cover my face in dismay. Or on the other hand, “Goat-Mode”, which is basically where I get really overwhelmed and simply collapse, close the blinds and take a nap.

Hold my head high?! Who do they think that I am anyway?!?! I mean, I describe my every-day reaction to things in terms of Animal-modes… like I’m a Pokemon or something! How am I supposed to do this?!

Enter high heels.

For whatever reason… maybe physics… it’s nearly impossible for me to slouch or slump or do anything but stand tall, shoulders straight, eyes forward. Like a warrior, daring something exciting to happen.

Sara at 6 feet (as opposed to my 5’6) is much more attentive, courageous, self aware and cares much less about anyones opinion. She is much more level headed and grounded in the present moment- most likely because if she loses focus for one moment she could potentially break an ankle.

So that, that is why I love my heels.

Yeah okay, they are beautiful too and really pull some of my most daring looks together. But, on my hardest days I know they are there for me to wear, like a warrior who arms for battle. So I can keep my head up. At the end of the day, the only one who can control the way I feel is, well, me. And that’s a power I’m not going to give up without a fight. A beautiful stiletto, espadrille, peep-toe pump of a fight.

Who’s with me?

One comment

  1. palmtreesandpeas · April 18, 2014

    I’m with you! Wearing high heels just adds a boost of confidence.


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