Here it’s coming, a better version of me. [Summer style, sunblock for the snow whites and love sweet love]


I know it’s still technically Spring, but here in Tampa it may as well be Summer! And with our backyard completely landscaped, a new fire pit and our first barbecue of the season this past weekend, I am in full bloom.

Summer style to me is all about mixing casual pieces and lightweight fabrics with quirky statement accessories and structured niceties. It’s about skipping the makeup, protecting that skin (Neutrogena’s facial sunscreens top everything I’ve ever used!!) and soaking up the sunshine.

And while it may just be all of this vitamin D churning happy vibes and positivity into my life I must say that I am happy.

And not the kind of happiness that comes from luck or chance. The kind of happiness that comes from a sense of pride in seeing where I was, 3 years ago, and where I am today. The triumphs, the obstacles, the mistakes I learned from and most importantly the people who I met who saw me as a better version of myself. Their vision made me grow. Their belief in this future self, created the self. And I’m only beginning. I’m only just awakening.

It is invigorating.

And mostly, it reminds me of the power of the human heart. When we take time to love and nurture each other, the beautiful transformation that can take place. Nothing money can buy, nothing success can generate, simply the human heart.

Cheers to us my darlings.
Each blooming this spring.
Always becoming.


One comment

  1. Karen · February 2, 2015

    Truly and enlightening article. You are such a professional at your craft, such artwork. So proud of you.


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