:Get the look: Waves for day 2

Some days, letting my hair just be free and it’s natural texture feels like the best feeling in the world. Like my outside and inside are one and I can just be carefree and wild, like an animal in her concrete jungle.

All curly girls adopt their own way of styling their curls on the first day. Some like to elaborately twist in their product for maximum control over frizziness. Some (like me) like to apply my product a little more carefree because the frizz actually works for me. I like my hair AS BIG AS POSSIBLE.

Either way you like your curls on day 1, here is the way to refresh them on the 2nd (3rd and 4th) day of your week!


I start off with turning on some cool water (really I just like it cool to the touch because it helps me start waking up in the morning, ha) and run my hands underneath it. I then take my wet hands and start scrunching the moisture into my dry-slept on-curls. I continue doing this until I feel like it is evenly damp all around my head, and PARTICULARLY in my trouble areas (this area on my right front side likes to curl less than the rest, so always needs extra attention). Then, depending on your curls and how much product you like in your hair, you can add more product here. I prefer not to, I find that all of the product I applied on my day 1 reawakens when it becomes damp and is still perfectly enough for me. If I layer products over multiple days the ends of my hair end up feeling like a velvety carpet, yikes.

At this point I begin diffusing my hair, starting with my weaker curl areas and working my way around until I have diffused out all of the moisture out. At this point, I may use my favorite hairspray to capture all of the bounciness I have created. And voila.


My 2nd and 3rd days are always my favorite for my texture because I feel like my curls have gotten some time to breathe and expand and come into their own.

My favorite curl products:

Pureology Colour Stylist Illuminating Curl 24 Hour Shaping Lotion. It is a gel consistency and is the perfect first layer in my product application.

Redkens Curvaceous Wave Ahead Texturizing Mousse. This is the second product in my layering. It helps to encourage and bounce up my curls without weighing them down too much. It plays so nicely with the Illuminating Curl product.

Redkens Quick Dry 18. A lightweight hairspray that provides the perfect balance between hold and movement. I will apply this even on days when I am refreshing.

Pureology Fresh Approach Dry Shampoo. To absorb any oils.

Cheers to carefree and wild hair days.

Cheers to embracing what our mommas gave us.



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