2015 Dirty little secrets.

Staying focused and time management are definitely my biggest challenges. With social media and our constant overload of information and social interaction this gets even harder. As a hairstylist and writer I appreciate those few things out there that inspire, motivate and direct me. Here are my current top 3 dirty little secrets for keeping me focused, on time and able to deliver unbelievable results.

Podcasts: To feed, inspire and grow my sexiest asset- my mind. 

Glambition Radio Mentor Ali Brown interviews todays top earning and most successful women. Showing that it is possible to break through glass ceilings, have business success and change the world. She ends each interview with 3 tips to have a more successful life starting now.

Listening to this keeps my headspace focused and on point. It inspires me to push myself harder and be an even better business woman.

Invisibilia is all about the invisible forces that control human behavior- ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions. Inspires you to recognize what forces are behind your reactions and thoughts and how to be an even better version of yourself and better for others around you. Every week I am taken to a different place and am completely blown away by the incredible information available.

Pureology Curl Complete Uplifting Curl

Embracing my natural texture is a perfect way for me to find more time in my day. For perfectly undone looking waves I apply root to end and scrunch in. I even love to use this product for blow drying, just spray root to end and watch how much body you can achieve! With coconut oil and styling polymers, it works perfectly to activate my curls and give them weightless life without drying them out. I am definitely addicted to this product and consider an absolute necessity in my busy week.




There’s an old quote that hairstylists love to use, “I’m a beautician not a magician”. But I have to say that this product makes me feel kind of like a magician. I can get blondes blonder, push the envelope, and trust that my clients hair is always going to remain in the greatest condition. It gives me the ability to deliver in 1 visit what I used to have to spread through a couple of visits and for that I am grateful!


What are your dirty little secrets this year? I promise not to tell.



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