Buzzwords of 2015: Explained

Trends evolve and language is constantly adapting to newer generations. Here’s a quick guide to the buzzwords of 2015 in the professional beauty industry, Some of these you’ll be familiar with, and some you may have never seen before. What’s your favorite?!


Balayage in previous years was meant to describe a color application technique which is that of hand painting onto the hair. In the salon, when I have clients asking for balayage, it is now more in reference to the overall end result of the highlight. Meaning: they want the highlight not all the way to the root, with lower contrast and overall brighter ends.

Why you want it? Low maintenance and makes a statement.

balayage balayage2


When I originally started hearing this term from the Redken Artist in my salon my initial thought was… who’s baby!? I quickly discovered that the baby in this scenario is… well… you. It’s a nod to the lighter sun-kissed hair from your youth. For some of you it’s really really light blonde from summers spent on the beach, and for others it’s those light brunette pieces that would frame your face after days full of swing-sets and ice cream. What makes this different than balayage? Balayage is more an overall “placement” of highlight and babylights describes more the subtle tone difference in the color you have.

Why you want it? Solid color lacks movement and can look harsh and unnatural. Adding slight tonal variety around your face will really soften your look, create movement and add a natural glow.




Also called the tortoiseshell technique, the Ecaille is all in the tonality. Think of tortoiseshell sunglasses and the mix of colors that are spackled through- there is a caramel, honey and deeper shadow. This is all about how the colors interact and move throughout the hair.

Why you want it? If warmer tones compliment your skin tone, then this is perfect for you. Also, if you are naturally dark but have always wanted to be blonde- this is the perfect color pallete to give you a balanced and beautiful look that is on trend.

ecaille ecaille2


This color effect looks straight out of a science fiction film. It is small blocks of different colors grouped together. For now, this trend has not adapted to the ready to wear market but is staying behind the editorial fashion lens.

pixelated 2 pixelated



Remember Ombre when it first entered the market? It was very high contrast and included every single hair. Sombre takes this down a notch and adds a softer element to it. It is lower contrast and doesn’t have to be every single strand. This is one of the most popular red carpet looks.

Why you want it? It is soft and flattering and the maintenance is low.

sombre sombre2


The Swag is all about movement and swing.It is a modern day Joan Jett haircut that combines undercutting techniques with shorter layers giving an hourglass silhouette to your hair.

Why you want it? Low blowdry time, maximum volume and effortless edginess.



Defined as a “wavy bob”. This term is describing the waves and curls that are adding movement to the classic bob shape. This is one of the biggest current trends, made popular by Taylor Swift and Julianne Hough.

Why you want it? It’s the best of both worlds. You can have a very structured shape and haircut (which is great for fine hair textures) and still get to embrace the more relaxed “bohemian chic” trend.

wob wob2



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