Avoiding Makeover Remorse.


Jerry: I can’t [wear this fake mustache] anymore, we should have taken some kind of vacation!!!

George: Well, why didn’t we?

Jerry: Because you said this would be better! Remember? A vacation from ourselves?!


A vacation from ourselves. Hmmmmmm.

You know, maybe it’s this summer heat.

Or maybe it’s because Mercury seems to be retrograding even more than usual.

But I- and many others around me- have been craving some dramatic changes lately-NO NOT THE MUSTACHE KIND- but the hair chopping kind.

Yes, after over a year of growing my locks nearly to my waist, all I can daydream about is having a swinging bob blowing in the wind beneath my ears. Comme sa:


I recognize that it’s completely normal for us all to feel wild and want vacations from ourselves- vacations from the status quo- (SHOULDN’T I FINALLY GO FOR PINK?!?!). But how can we know, how can we really KNOW with confidence that we ARE ready for a major change, and are not just in need of an actual vacation or adventure. Maybe swimming in the sea for a day will help alleviate the complicated process of actually coloring your hair blue. And maybe a faux bob is all you need to get you through the summer heat (and freak out your friends a bit.)

Before you consider doing something that’s a bit more permanent than slapping on a fake ‘stache; take a moment to ask yourself a few questions and get to the bottom of what’s really motivating your impulses.


Don’t dream up a new idea AND execute it on the SAME DAY! I have been there ya’ll- and there are a lot of short fringes I regretted just because I couldn’t make it through my awkward grow out stage.

I think that 2 weeks is always a good time frame to aim for. It’s long enough for your lady-luck to pass (if you know what I mean) and for any personal circumstance that might be motivating the change emotionally, to shift and give you perspective.


Have you had this style before? What did you love about it then, what did you hate about it?

Do you typically regret or feel energized by impulsive hair decisions?

How long has your hair been the same? -If it’s been over a year- it is definitely time for some kind of a change.


Your answer to this can go either way- but it is something to keep in mind.

When things in life are unstable, sometimes it does feel good to have control over ONE THING FOR GOODNESS SAKE. But sometimes it can also be a signal that you are acting irrationally. Emotional hair changes are not always the one’s that you love long term.


Consider the lilies. No, wait. That’s not right.

Consider the maintenance. New hair means new challenges. Longer hair is more low maintenance when it comes to styling and haircut appointments- where short hair takes some mastering and a trim every 4-6 weeks.

Once you’ve made it through these questions you might realize that you really are ready for a dramatic change! My last bit of advice for you would be to GO FOR IT. A lot of hair stylists will recommend baby-stepping your way to that short bob, but you really just need to make the leap so you have the full effect and full satisfaction of the change! Remember to bring lots of photos to be sure you and your stylist are on the same page, and post lots and lots of pics. After all, as Coco Chanel said:


Happy cutting.



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